Slot Edge Ultrasonic Sensor

Category:Slot Edge Sensor;Model:US-400S

Ultrasonic sensor applies the principle of high frequency ultrasonic linear transmission to detect the edge of the material,comparing to photoelectric sensor,it will not be affected by the transparency of the materials.Thus it is very convenient and no need to adjust.It is suitable for edge application of opaque material(such as plastic film,paper etc?and transparent material, such as cloth,but not for non-woven fabrics.)

Functions and features

1.Support 1 way anologue/2 way on-off output
2.Suitable for all air impermeable materials(such as transparent film,paper etc.)
3.No need for manual calibration.
4.200K ultrasonic correlation
5.0.05m/s response time
6.Detecting range:6mm,detecting precision:0.05mm
7.With own offset display

Operation procedure 3 status options offered for different accuracy needs,
yellow and red light flicker after complete material correction
1.Press "SET"7 seconds until middle blue light flickers(status 0.5mm)
2.Press "SET"once,two yellow lights flicker(status 1.0mm)
3.Press "SET"once,two red lights flicker status 2.0mm)
4.Press "SET"on any of the above 3 status for 6 seconds to store and exit

Tracking method Edge tracking
Power input DC12V
Output signal one-way analog 0-5V two way switch signal
Detecting range 6mm(±3.0mm)
Detecting precision ±0.05mm
Housing material Aluminum alloy
weight 250g

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