Slot Edge Photoelectric Sensor

Category:Slot Edge Sensor;Model:PS-400S

Through beam web guiding sensor based on visible light,suitable for edge tracking of rolling materials.

Functions and features
*Supportanalogue/on-off output
*Suit for edge tracking of opaque, transparent thin film.
*through beam of visible light
*carrier coding with frequency of 100K, not affected by ambient lights 
*detecting range:5mm,detecting precision: 0.02mm
*high stability and precision

calibration steps
1 .Press `set` longer than 3 seconds and all the signal lights flash.
2 .Remove the material,give a short press on `set` ,the middle blue light falshes after signal lights flash in rotation.
3 .Use the material to block the beams of U shape sensor, then click the `set` and wait for 3 seconds until self calibrating the material.
4 .Check the calibration result, remove the material and all the lights on one side turn on without material blocking, and all the lights turn on on the other side with material blocking lights. Calibration succeeds based on this result.

3 options when on/off signal not responding (for different precision requirements)
Yellow and red lights flash after calibration finished:
1 .Long press on `set` for 7 seconds until middle blue light flashes (status is 0.5mm at the moment
2.Short press on `set` then two yellow lights flash (status:1.5mm)
3.Short press on `set` then two red lights flash (status: 3mm)
4.After selecting one of the above 3 status, longong press on `set` 6 seconds for storing, then exit.

Tacking method Edge tracking
Power input DC10-30V
Signal output One-way analog 0-5Vt
Two-way NPN on-off signal
Detecting range 8mm(± 4mm)
Detecting precision ± 0.02mm
Detecting method Photoelectric opposite beam
Carrier frequency
/ response frequency
Protection level IP54
Weight 250g
-10-80°C below RH90%
Housing Aluminum Alloy
Material calibration needed

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