Contrast Sensor

Category:Contrast Sensor;Model:JL-50

JL-50 series contrast sensor has built in PIC chip,the background and mark can be identified intelligently.The sensor chooses appropriate light according to the color difference of background and mark.Inddition,compared with traditional Z3N and Z3S color mark sensor,Z3K-ZN is highly competitive and convenient due to its high precision and high response time

1.RGB emission
2.Automatic sensitivity vegulation
Power supply DC10-24V
Ripple 2 Vpp max
Output NPN output1 PNP output
Output current 100 mA max
Output saturation voltage ≤2V
Response time 33μs
Switching frequency 15kHz
Indicators OUT LED(yellow)/READY LED(green)
DARK/LIGHT selection Automatic
Temperature operating:-10-5℃storage:-20-70℃
Operating distance 9mm+/-1mm
Emission type RED(630nm)/GREEN(520nm)/BLUE(465nm)with automatic selection
Housing Material ABS
Lens Material PMMA
Mechanical protection IP67
Connection Ml24 core protection shielding cable
weight 90g

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